Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American Psyco? Really?

The follwing is not written by me or Gina. It is a for serious article about a real project. There better be interpretive Dancing.

American Psycho stage musical in the works
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The Associated Press

If the malevolent Sweeney Todd can sing, why not Patrick Bateman, the twisted title character of Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho?
A stage adaptation of Ellis's celebrated novel about a handsome, homicidal Wall Street banker is in the works.

The musical will feature a score by Spring Awakening composer Duncan Sheik and a book by playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, currently writing for the HBO television series Big Love.
Sheik said Tuesday in a statement that he had reread Ellis's novel and "what some people (including myself) may have seen as an over-the-top literary folly of the early '90s was in fact a pretty timeless tale of alienation.

"And, really, what could be more subversive fun than murderous bankers breaking into song?"
Christian Bale starred as Bateman in a 2000 film version of the novel.
There is no word on when or where the stage show will open.

The musical is to be produced by the Johnson-Roessler Company's David Johnson, Craig Roessler and Jesse Singer as well as by Aaron Ray of The Collective, a management and production company, and Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films.Read more:

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Thank you Paul for this one:

"Rats" It's a lot like "Cats" but more about the Bubonic Plague.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Broke the Pattern

Just wanted to add that We've broken our 5 fewer than last month posting pattern already. Take that short term interest in things like blogging.

Hey...I used to have a livejournal. Now THAT's a great subject for a musical!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catcher in the Rye

So what if J.D. Salinger won't release the rights to Catcher in the Rye for the book to be made a movie, or heck, even a book on tape? I am certain he'd love hearing Holden sing and Dance! I can't think of a better book to musical than this classic tale of angst and depression. I'm thinking Hip Hop/Ranting like "In The Heights."

Allie's Mitt (Holden)
Ackley Kid, You're Crummy (Holden and Ackley)
Sleep Tight Ya' Morons! (Holden)
Baby, You Gotta Pay Twice for Talk (Old Sunny and Maurice)
Terrific Liar (Holden)
Fly Away Ballet (Holden and the Ducks)

I'm sure there's some more in there, but it's grading time for this semester.
Maybe I'll make a musical of the papers I read!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A musical based on W. Somerset Maugham's novel, Of Human Bondage

I'm not sure this will get quite the audience we want, but as long as the tickets sell, who cares?


90-Years-Young: The Dead Mother Song.
I Limp Because I Love
Mildred (Reprise)
My Cougar
Mildred (Reprise 2)

Well, that's what I got out of the book anyhow.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Orphan Lohannie

Today, this article was at the top of my celebrity trash news and I thought, "do people still care?" Apparently, the answer is "yes, they do." So why not make it a musical?

The true story of Actress/Singer/Designer/Hot Mess/Paparazzi Target

Lindsay Lohan.

For lack of wanting to spend too much time researching Lindsay Lohan, this musical will actually follow the plot of that other little redhead, Annie. Beginning with the director calling the final "That's a Wrap" for the filming of The Parent Trap remake. Eleven-Year-Old Lohan sings Annie's opening number "Maybe." Instead, however, of being about her parents, she's singing about her career. When she realizes that the Disney Corporation owns her soul, she sings "It's Hard Knock Life."
Former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner takes over the musical at this point, singing "Little Girls" as he produces and takes Lohan through the filming of Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Herbie: Reloaded.
After a short scene/montage of Lohan's rise to teenage stardom with a more commercial Mean Girls, she, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, and Rachael McAdams sing "I think I'm Gonna Like it Here." Unfortunately, by the end of the song, Lohan is left alone with the other three women go on to continued Hollywood and personal success. She reprises It's a Hard Knock Life while binge drinking and getting into car accidents. Her ultimate low point comes with singing a drunken "I Don't Need Anything But You" to the only copy of her music album, Speak, that was herself.
The Paparazzi enter the stage singing a reprise of "Little Girls" as all the headlines, mugshots, and bad fashion photos flood the stage, leaving Lohan in a heap at the end of the stage.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

American Mall:December 26th

With musicals about so many fantastical things, it's time to celebrate the mundane. Much in the way the impressionists wanted to document not the extraordinary and royal, but the normal life, I believe it is time for a musical that celebrates something most Americans have experienced on year or another: the mall on December 26th.
The day after Christmas, shopping shifts from the frantic, yet caring hustle and bustle to a self-centered nightmare of returns. Who knew the birth of the savor could change the nature of the crowds in just one day off spent with family? While I did not actually leave my house today, there have been years where I have braved the mall, armed with gift receipts and sweaters I'll never wear (Note: the only return I have this year is a sweater whose sleeves are comically short...damn you long arms). I think the best way to get through this day if you happen to be working retail, is to buck up and think about this new American classic musical: December 26th!
This Line is Better than This Gift
Can't Believe They Thought I'd Like This (Teenager's Lament)
No Receipt, No Return
What the Fuck do I want with Store Credit?
2 Blenders
Because I'm Not 8 Anymore (Why I Don't Want the Mickey Mouse Mittens)
Pleated Pant Plie
Ungrateful Motherfuckers (sung by Santa)
Who Knows the Meaning of Kwanzaa/Boxing Day Anyhow?
I'm thinking it's going to be a new holiday tradition, no?